La maquette du tabernacle

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Dans la Bible, il y a 50 chapitres qui décrivent le tabernacle. Pourquoi la Bible donne-t-elle autant de détails? Une raison est qu'elle est l'aide visuelle de Dieu pour expliquer ce que Jésus ferait sur la croix. Lorsqu'il est bien compris, le tabernacle révèle l'œuvre de Jésus.

Comment communiquer son message important? En lisant la description du tabernacle, vous avez peut-être eu de la difficulté à en saisir tous les détails. Vous avez lu les dimensions et les descriptions, mais n'avez toujours pas une bonne idée de ce à quoi il ressemblait.

La maquette du tabernacle vous donnera l'occasion de voir le tabernacle et de comprendre sa signification. L'assemblage de cette maquette de 328 pièces vous aidera non seulement à acquérir une meilleure compréhension du tabernacle, mais vous donnera aussi un excellent outil pour expliquer le tabernacle à d’autres. Les pièces ne sont pas peintes et, s’il est possible d’assembler la maquette telle qu’elle, il est recommandé de peindre les pièces pour obtenir une maquette plus réaliste (la peinture et les pinceaux ne sont pas inclus).

Dans nos livres, la signification du tabernacle est enseignée et cette maquette à l'échelle 1/90 y apporte la clarté et la compréhension.

Les instructions pour assembler la maquette sont incluses. Veuillez suivre le Guide pour assembler et peindre le tabernacle pour des renseignements plus détaillés.

Spécifications :

  • Dimensions : 23" x 12" x 4" (59 x 31 x 10 cm)
  • Échelle : 1/90


Note : Ce modèle est inclus dans la Trousse or Vision du monde réexaminée. Ressources additionnelles : Obtenez gratuitement le guide pour peindre la maquette du tabernacle et l'étude « Le tabernacle hébreu : une préfiguration du Messie » en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous (Download the French versions).


Ressources supplémentaires : Obtenez un exemplaire gratuit du guide pour assembler et peindre la maquette ainsi que l'étude biblique "Le tabernacle hébreu: une préfiguration du Messie". ( Télécharger la version française. )


  • 4
    All that I expected

    Posted by Marcel on 3 rd Mar 2022

    First class construction. This kit is just what I have been looking for. I have not started it yet, but will within the next few weeks.

  • 5
    Tabernacle Kit

    Posted by Larry O on 1 st Mar 2022

    This is a great product for you ng and old. The service was also excellent.

  • 5
    La maquette du tabernacle

    Posted by Tanya Washington on 13 th Feb 2022

    This kit was a true challenge, in a good way. It forced you to take the time to make sure everything was it it’s rightful place and done correctly as well give great details of its meaning. Very powerful visual .

  • 5

    Posted by Nataliya Duchev on 3 rd Feb 2022

    No comments

  • 5
    Le Tabernacle

    Posted by Dr Steven Benavides on 28 th Mar 2021

    I had a very challenging and wonderful experience putting the tabernacle together. we turned it into a family experience and everyone of us learned the amazing testimony that the tabernacle is about Jesus Christ.

  • 5
    the best model i have found anywhere

    Posted by on 26 th Jun 2019

    Thank you for this model. It’s fairly easy to put together. Ours remains unpainted. My kids enjoying moving the little pieces around. Thank you for this product

  • 5
    Road Map of Our Lives Symbolized by the Tabernacle of Moses

    Posted by Richard Coder on 18 th Apr 2019

    I have given away both models. One to a teacher from the Assemblies of God and the other to two teachers from Calvary Chapel (pastor & his wife). Of course I did all the assembling, painting and set up. All well worth it to see them so excited to have a teaching aid to share with their congregations. My hope is that these teachers will be better able to share the experiences of a walk with our Lord and remember that it is truly a road map of our lives. Thank You so much. In the Love of Christ, Richard Coder

  • 4
    Nice visual aid

    Posted by Sylvia on 18 th Apr 2017

    It is a nice visual aid, the only issue is that it took us a while to build it. Also if you can include the paint and the glue with extra cost it would be better and more convenient. Thanks and God bless

  • 5
    Extrêmement satisfait de la maquette du tabernacle

    Publié par Linda le 13 juin 2013

    I purchased the tabernacle kit and was extremely pleased with the quality. We chose to paint the kit and it is beautiful. When I displayed it at my mercredi night bible class( for students, grades 2 and 3 ), they literally oohed and ahhhed at it. Granted, I had given it a huge build up, but their little eyes sparkled and now they know hands on the parts of the old tabernacle. Is is now on display for our entire congregatiion, and young and old gathered around it. I HIGHLY suggest painting it, with this precaution: When you spray the base with textured paint, DO NOT OVER SPRAY--too much causes build up and affects putting in the final large posts and frames. My other ADVICE IS TO DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS ON ERECTING THE MODEL. They compliment those included in the shipment.And, yes, THE HIGH PRIEST TAKES SEVERAL HOURS TO PAINT. Good teaching and God bless! (Originally posted on 04/13/2009 )